History: Philosophy, Vision and mission

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Hospital veterinary San Vicente, founded in 1949, is an institution private for the exercise clinical veterinary mixed, in small animals, exotic animals and horses, giving it some unusual features in the private veterinary practice.

Our Veterinary Hospital is divided into 2 main sections: Clinic for small animal and equine clinic section. Is established in 1949 in the hull urban of San Vicente of the Raspeig, population next to Alicante, by its founder, Dr. Manuel Isidro Rodríguez García, It evolved in its exercise parallel to the veterinary activity in Spain in the last 50 years, passing of the exercise officer and rural mostly, dedicated to income and working animals, at a clinic more specialized and complex, dedicated to those small animals and animals of sport, as the horse.

Currently is a SL. (Limited company). In 1992, to new demands and needs raised by the increase in activity, and as a result of the number of professional, It inaugurated the new facilities, located between the towns of San Vicente of the Raspeig and Alicante, already out of the hull urban and next to the highway of the Mediterranean.

Our mission is to ensure the health and well-being of pets of our clients through specialized professionals, with the help of advanced technical means. We also work as a reference centre to work closely with other veterinarians requesting our specialized services. Have of a Hospital veterinarian located in San Vicente of the Raspeig and of a clinical veterinary in Elche. We have in our central hospital emergency department 24 hours.

Founder: Manuel Isidro Rodríguez García (1921-2013)

Manuel Isidro Rodríguez García - founder

  • Degree in veterinary in the Faculty of veterinary of Madrid, 1947.
  • Inspector Veterinario owner in San Vicente de el Raspeig, 1948.
  • Founder of the Centre polyclinic veterinarian Raspeig, 1949.
  • Is specialized in the clinical canine and equine, showing great professional passion for radiography and x-ray embossing or estereoradriografia.
  • Research in various fields of veterinary, promoter of associations, Congress Organizer, translator of books and author of articles of great prestige professional. Their research scientific and technology have been multiple and has provided news in the world of the radiology veterinary.
  • Co-founder of the Association of veterinary Spanish specialists in small animals (AVEPA), 1964.
  • Secretary of the College official of veterinary of Alicante.
  • Professional career award at the first gala of the health of Alicante, 2010: Medal of gold to the merit outstanding of its work in the exercise and Magisterium in the profession veterinary and medal to the merit professional and collegiate of the Council Valenciano of schools veterinary.
Vet San Vicente

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