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Our extensive experience in this field and the use of techniques of Diagnostic Imaging, as the tomography axial computerized and the resonance magnetic allow a diagnosis early and a treatment right of alterations neurological that affect both to the system nervous central as peripheral.

Disc disease represents a large number of cases of Neurology attended by our staff. We are pioneers in Spain in the surgical treatment of herniated disc. The success or otherwise of numerous surgical procedures of the rapidity of action largely depends on.

Diagnostic Imaging veterinary hospital san vicente, x-ray herniated disk

The importance of veterinary Neurology

Increasingly frequent are problems that affect the nervous system of our pets. By this, our team is in constant training to offer to all of our patients the best service based in the latest technological advances and the most effective techniques to be able to detect any possible pathology related to veterinary Neurology.

Among some of the different neurological symptoms You can have pets we highlight:

  • Paresis, partial absence of voluntary movement of one or more limbs.
  • Paralysis, with total absence of voluntary movement of one or more limbs.
  • Ataxia and lack of coordination at different levels.
  • Tremors and seizures.
  • Dizziness and loss of balance.
  • Depression of mental state.
  • Inclinations of the head.
  • Bizarre behaviour.

Veterinary Hospital San Vicente has the latest technologies for diagnosis by image, as CT and MRI. Our staff has the most up-to-date training, allowing them to offer the most current techniques and react to any situation, so pets are always in good hands.

Interpretación TAC

Our infrastructure and specialized equipment They allow us to assess the nervous system of the pet and make early diagnosis in case of detecting any neurological anomaly and make the resulting prescription of the most appropriate treatment for your pet.

In addition, the follow-up of cases allows us to assess the evolution and, working together with our physiotherapy service and rehabilitation, We can establish a pattern of recovery for each case.

By this, We consider of vital importance that pets have regular check-ups to be able to detect any kind of neurological problem in time.

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