Ethology / Behavior


In certain situations is difficult to understand the behaviour of our pets (constantly barks, biting the furniture, We plant face, etc.) by that offer advice veterinary specialised in this field for help to our clients to understand and resolve those problems that affect to the behavior of their pet.


Ethology plays a very important role in the veterinary medicine given that it is a tool that helps professionals to know more pets thanks to their behavior, regardless of whether it is a dog or a cat.

In addition it allows us to know what is the origin of their behavior and what are the causes that have led to this situation. Thus they can be launched several actions to put a stop to that problem and make sure the pet has a full life.

We have a work philosophy based mostly on the respect and the absolute care for all the animals. We are not just professionals accredited with many years of experience, We are people who we feel authentic vocation to provide the best animal and give as much with each pet.

With our service of ethology, We can identify the habits of animals as well as to find answers to the why to perform certain actions. We analyze their behavior, the intensity and frequency with which made it, appears when and where do, mainly.

Determine what is the trigger for the behavior of a pet is not something simple, It requires a specific and thorough study to reveal the reason. Known once, We get down to the work to make that gradually abandon that behavior that worries owners.

Vet San Vicente

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