Diagnosis by image


In our facilities we have high-definition digital radiology equipment, computed axial tomography (T.A.C.), resonance magnetic, Ultrasound, gastroscopy and endoscopy.

Have a precise diagnosis allows us to perform the treatment appropriate in each case.


In different diagnostic methods for pets emphasizes diagnosis by image. It's one of the best techniques that are currently for detailed health problems which can have our mascot. Thanks to this method, you can know exactly what their pathology and start specific treatment.

Our goal is to take care of pets to give them the best care. They will always be served by professionals with experience and equipped with last generation diagnostic equipment.

Different methods of diagnostic imaging that we have include magnetic resonance imaging, that it provides us with images serials through magnetic fields providing images in three dimensions. It is performed under general anesthesia, with or without contrast, and it is not a harmful radiation for animal.

Small animal magnetic resonance

We also offer the service of TAC, tomography axial computed with or without contrast, It allows us to obtain images in three dimensions through the use of ionizing radiation. Between its different applications is mainly used in pathologies of the spine, portosistemicos shunts and the diagnosis of neoplasms.

Digital radiography, through the use of those rays by allows examine different parts of the body of the pet thanks to it technical simple or with contrast. Both bone structures can be displayed, carry out studies digestive, detection of foreign bodies, etc.

On the other hand we highlight the ultrasound, a technique by which we can visualize the vast majority of soft tissues of the dog adrenal glands, ovaries, Prostate, intestine, pancreas, heart, etc. It stands out because it is a specific technique in which pets do not receive any kind of radiation.

The stomach and intestine without any surgery can be visualized with endoscopy. You can also take biopsies or even remove any object without any intervention.

As you can see, the diagnosis by image is has become in something essential in the sector veterinary today to improve the health of the animals, that is the reason why we are committed to this technology.

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