During the life of our pets it is possible who occasionally need to be treated surgically, well either by reasons preventive or to solve any type of Pathology. To carry out the intervention, the animals will have to be subjected to anesthesia general.

Normally, When we hear the word anesthesia, We find in it something that instills respect and that's what you need to have you, but never fear, given that without it, many of our pets not could be operated and therefore would be evicted. Therefore it must be considered the Veterinary anesthesia as the gateway to a better quality of life and not a hazard or danger.

Use of the anesthesia veterinary

Emergency surgery, Spaying or neutering, or fracture of any bone, for example, are some of the many cases in which the anesthesia veterinary plays a role primary. But as anesthesia in human, Veterinary anesthesia is risky.

There are factors that depend on the animal, as can be your age, the pathologies suffered by or weight. Therefore you must always ensure that it is at an ideal weight, have a periodic health and in addition to a good diet makes plenty of exercise in addressing a speech, This will be a success.

It is also very important, early diagnosis and medical treatment prior to stabilize the animal and subjecting it to the surgery, minimizing this way the risks and future complications.

All our patients are undergoing physical exams and blood tests prior to surgery, to adapt anesthesia protocols to each one and minimize the risk that may exist by subjecting them to a sedation or general anesthesia.

Our Anesthetists veterinary have with the more complete training and professionalism to the administration of anesthesia veterinary is correct and the operation is a success. Those patients are monitored and monitored continuously to prevent that the pet suffer or feel pain.

Vet San Vicente

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