Small animals internship


The internship at the service of small animals, consists in a stay of 12 duration months. During this period you will collaborate in the different services of the hospital, rotating consecutively by the areas of surgery, hospitalization and consultation. In the same way the internal will enter on a rotating basis in the Emergency Department, working with the personal veterinarian responsible of the same in each shift.

He objective of the internship is obtain a base of knowledge in the area of small animals, that allow later work in a clinical of small animals or specialize is in the area in which is has an interest determined.

In the Hospital veterinary san Vicente there's veterinary general practitioners and veterinary with dedication specialized in different areas of the veterinary, as soft tissue surgery, Traumatology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, internal medicine and cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, ethology, hospitalization and emergency.

The service of medicine internal and the tutelage of them veterinary internal are to cargo of the veterinary specialist in medicine internal, Maria Dolores Rodriguez Tabar, with the title of diploma by the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ECVIM-CA).

Means that the person concerned to a boarding school at our hospital is fully available to participate in the clinical tasks of the hospital in which required, being of special interest since that this will depend on obtaining a greater benefit and knowledge during the time spent in the hospital. Independently, and to organize the work between the different internal, is established ones schedules guideline according to the services to which is belong primarily according to the shift Rotary.

Regularly taught seminars of varied attractions for the internal veterinarian subjects. Just as the inmates have the opportunity to prepare clinical cases and expose them in sessions of clinical cases with the veterinary staff of the Center. Also the veterinary internal may attend to discussions scientific (Journals Clubs, etc) and days of conferences organized by the Hospital veterinary San Vicente that will lead to out weekly.

He internal has to its disposal a complete library with an extensive collection of books and magazines scientific updated that allow the study and research of them cases clinical that is come each day.

He time elapsed from the obtaining of the title of veterinary to the realization of the contract of practices not may be superior to two years. Housing, power and other expenses shall be borne by the internal veterinarian.

The hospital is located in the municipality of San Vicente, between the towns of Alicante and San Vicente of the Raspeig, that they are both to 3 Km., and although there are stop of bus to 400 meters, is advisable the dispose of any medium of locomotion. The beach is to 5 Km. distance.

Those interested in perform the interned should send their CV to the address: Those selected in the first phase be called for an interview and testing week. In the case of being admitted as a rejected, the decision will be communicated directly by phone or e-mail by the Center in charge of the selection of internal staff.

For upcoming calls will update the information in the blog of our website.

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