Cold and our pets


Now is the winter and temperatures drop. Now that it's more cold and we have changed our closet clothing, We must also think about the changes facing our pets.

Usually domestic animals, mainly mammals and birds, they are homeotermos, which means that they can regulate their internal temperature.

A part of the brain called the hypothalamus controls the "temperature adjustment" and operates as a thermostat, regulating the internal temperature depending on the outside temperature.

The hypothalamus can regulate body temperature through different mechanisms such as muscle contraction, vasoconstriction and vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels, the erection of the hair and the increased metabolism.

dog winter

Smaller animals have more problems to maintain a constant body temperature since the relationship between the body surface and volume is more and lose more heat than a large animal. That your metabolism is higher, to be able to generate more heat when the temperature decreases.



  • There are viruses, bacteria and fungi that take advantage of the cold and the defenses down to produce inflammation and infection in the respiratory tract. Why it is so important to have your properly vaccinated pet, so that your immune system is the order of the day, against this kind of situations.

  • In addition to the cold musculoskeletal ailments are exacerbated (bones, muscles and joints). Our older pets can suffer more in the winter than at other times, especially to first thing in the morning.

  • As we have mentioned before, one of the mechanisms of thermoregulation to cold is vasoconstriction and as a result the blood pressure rises. This kind of considerations must be taken more into account in those pets with heart problems and taking drugs, because they may have more heat loss that a healthy animal. It is beneficial to shelter before going out and having a hot area in the House where you can rest.


dog winter

  • The ambient humidity, changes in temperature and the heating of our homes increases the further risk of skin infections caused by fungi and bacteria in winter, so we will have to monitor the hair and skin of our mascot frequently.

  • The age of the pet is very important. They need more attention and care pets younger and older, since they have more heat loss than a middle-aged animal.



  • The amount of food that should eat depends on your physical activity. If it is higher than in summer, We will have to increase the amount of food, But if it is lower it will decrease it. As for water, If the pet has a water fountain outside, We recommend the use of plastic containers, Since the freezing of the water is going to be slower than in a metal container.

  • As for the aesthetic care, It is recommended to cut the hair less than in summer. Nails, due to the decline in physical activity, they have less wear and tear and should be cut more frequently. And finally, due to the cold, some dogs can crack more easily the pads of the hands and feet, so it is recommended using special moisturizers to protect pads.

Pillow dog

  • The use of sweaters and coats is advisable in short hair as greyhounds dogs, Since it retains less heat than those long-haired breeds. There are also rubber boots, but its use is more appropriate when there is snow.

If they live inside House, normally the temperature that we are is the same that must be them. If they live abroad and may be exposed to the inclemency of the weather should have a warm and dry place of refuge.

These are all the considerations and recommendations to keep in mind with our pets now that comes the cold. It is important to pay particular attention to pets younger and older. It is recommended to have them properly vaccinated and controlled by the veterinarian to face the cold in the safest manner.




































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